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Welcome to siayoga, an online yoga studio where you can join me for group and private livestream classes. In my teaching, I focus on providing a yoga experience  where you can tune in, ground down and (re) discover the joy of movement!

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About Vanessa 

I began practicing yoga on a regular basis while dancing with Ballet du Capitole in Toulouse France, where I was fortunate enough to experience excellent hatha yoga with Camelia Clavel & Christine Duquenoy.  During this time, I came to discover how yoga was not just an extremely beneficial addition to my training regime - serving both as a restorative and strengthening practice complementary to the physical demands of ballet - but also an essential mindfulness practice to help ground myself mentally in the highly competitive environment I was working in day-to-day.   


Having experienced first-hand what the physical and mental demands are for a high performance athlete, I am passionate about sharing the benefits I experience in my own yoga practice with people who work in dance, competitive sports or who are avid movers in their free time. 

 My teaching mission is:

  • To offer skillfully sequenced yoga classes with a focus on injury prevention and retaining continuous high levels of performance. 


  • To help you gain flexibility by cultivating strength and stability, all the while making sure that you work within your reasonable range. 


  • To provide some useful tools to help you regulate your physical and emotional state when stress and challenges arise.

  • To help you explore and connect to the joy of movement!


Yoga is not a competitive sport, it is an opportunity to ground ourselves, be in our present experience and observe how our body and mind respond. In my experience, this has helped me be more productive, content and also kinder to myself and others.  



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For many of us, the past few months were an opportunity for reassessment and reflection. For me, it felt like the right moment  to transition out of my career as a dancer and turn my energies and skills towards serving others as a teacher. 


I have created my online yoga website siayoga with the intention of offering easily accessible yoga classes to dancers and athletes who are on the road, in lockdown, or wanting to practice from home. 


 Although my classes are virtual, I am committed to offering the same amount of real-time support that you would receive in a live-class setting.


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I am open minded and always eager to learn from different techniques and traditions. For this reason, I draw on both Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga in my classes. 


For more information on my education and work experience, check out my resume.  

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