2 modifications (& a useful drill) to help you transition from downward facing dog into lunge

For many students, getting their leg through from downward facing dog into a lunge can be challenging. Here are a few reasons why:

- Limited mobility in the hips: when we bring our leg through to come to a lunge, the action of bringing our knee up towards our chest is creating a great deal of hip flexion, which requires both strength in the front hips and core and length on the back of your hips.

-Yoga is not a one size fits all, and certain poses can be more difficult depending on body shape and proportions. If you have shorter arms in relation to the length of your torso and legs, this could be a reason why this transition into lunge may be challenging. That’s ok! Look at this challenge as an opportunity to try out something different and learn from the experience.

-Some students may feel that they have to keep their shoulders and hips absolutely square to the floor while bringing their leg through to a lunge - this is neither right nor wrong - I am an advocate for both options. My two cents is: if you are struggling to get that leg through, then find a way in your body to make space for the leg to come through into lunge.

Here are two modifications to help you transition from downward facing dog into a lunge with more ease:

Next time you practice, try to bring awareness to how you transition between postures, particularly during a flow. Where do you feel open and spacious? Where do you encounter restricted movement or discomfort? Tune in and let the feedback from your body guide you into making smart choices that will benefit your practice.

I always say that yoga should be a balance between effort and ease. There are moments to find our edge, but it is also just as important to find a way of cultivating ease and relaxation too.

It is already week 2 since the launch of my online classes over siayoga. In this month's classes, we will be focusing on transitions. Check out my teaching schedule and join me for my next class, I would love to see you there! Also, sign up for my newsletter to get updates on my teaching offerings.

Are there other challenging transitions that come up in your yoga practice? What modifications and props have you been using to help with these transitions? Please share any experiences or questions in the comments below.

Thanks for taking the time to read the siayoga blog. Have fun with your practice and until next time!

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