Anti-Rotation Exercises for your Yoga Practice

When teaching yoga to athletes, I often like to incorporate anti-rotation exercises into the sequence.

As the name suggests, these are exercises where we are resisting a force that would cause our core (or - to use more accurate language - our trunk, i.e torso) to rotate.

The benefits of anti-rotation exercises are:

  • Gaining core strength

  • Injury prevention by, among other things, correcting improper movement patterns

  • Working on acceleration and deceleration. This basically means producing, respectively reducing force in movements such as jumping or stopping mid-run to change direction. These skills are particularly important for court and field sports such as handball, tennis, soccer, and even for dance.

In the video below, I show you a progression of exercises that you can sneak into your daily practice - I usually do this during the opening sequences of my class, right after cat-cow and before the first downward facing dog.

As always, I invite you to try this out and let me know in the comments below how this impacted your practice and overall physical state.

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Thanks for taking the time to check out this page! Stay safe and healthy, I look forward to sharing my practice with you online soon!

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