Yoga for a brief break at your desk

Working from home, I feel like I am spending much more time sitting and hunched over devices. 👩🏻‍💻Giving myself little movement breaks throughout the day have helped me feel more energetic and focused. I focus on opening shoulders, front hips and strengthening the back line of the body to even out all that sitting. In this blog post, I share three brief, simple yoga exercises you can do at your desk. I know that for many of you, carving out time at home for exercise can be challenging. But I promise you friends: these exercises are simple and you can take a little as 2 MINUTES for each of them! 🤗

1) Opening the Shoulders (scroll down for video)

  • Start off with some cat/cow, circling the arms and easy twists to warm up the spine.

  • Then open the shoulders: grab either the back of the chair or the edge of the seat behind you and press towards you to get some muscle engagement into the stretch.

  • As you hold and breathe, you can gently move your head to avoid holding tension in the neck.

Next time you catch yourself hunched over you laptop, try this out!

2) Opening the Front Hips in Anjaneyasana/ Crescent Lunge

This is great to counter all that hip flexion while we’re sitting aaaand to work the back line of the legs:

  • Sit on the side of your chair so you can extend one leg behind you.

  • Work to keep your pelvis upright by pulling your frontal hips bones up (you can even use your hands to pull them up). Think of the pelvis as a bowl filled with water that you don’t want to spill over the front or back rim. Doing this, you will probably feel the sensation of stretch on the front of the hip increase. ➡Keeping the back knee bent is a great option to find this sensation.

  • Grounding down through both feet, lift your bum off the chair, then set it back down again with control.

  • Repeat a few times, extending your arms overhead or fold your arms on top of your head, letting them rest on the crown of your head…I always feel like this helps me release tension in the back of my neck.🤗

3) Seated Twist

Here, its all about lengthening and twisting! (And trying not to step on the dog 🤪🐶)

  • Come into a seated Figure-4, lengthening your spine. With the opposite hand, grab your knee and reach your other arm in front of you as you inhale.

  • On the exhale, turn your upper body towards your knee and open the extended arm to the side and back, reaching away with your finger tips to draw a wide semi circle.

  • Do this 3-5 times, then repeat on the other side.

If you've been taking my classes, you will have been doing chair work over the past few weeks. I feel like the chair is such a useful tool to support us in our practice and to help us experience the physical sensations of our practice in a new way! As always, if you are new to the tribe, I very much hope to welcome you to an online class soon. To stay up to date on my teaching schedule and offerings, sign up for my newsletter here.

Stay safe, stay connected to the things that make you feel whole and happy, and until next time!

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